About me:

25 year old Transsexual from Toronto, Ontario
A lost soul wandering around the corners of downtown Toronto. ENFP-T

I am a sweet, romantic gay in transition who loves taking care of a man who takes good care of me. I love traveling (used to run my own travel agency, events management and real estate brokerage firm before covid, but I had to shut it down and try to make a new life elsewhere, which brought me to Toronto). I like trying new restaurants, eating good food, exploring places.

I enjoy watching courtroom-trials, espionage, fantasy, suspense and thrillers as well as broadway. I like reading books as well, mostly the likes of Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Sandra Brown, Dan Brown and eager to learn new other authors.

I like discussions about business management, marketing, economy, politics, culture and people. I am compassionate and goal-driven. I love dogs and I am an extrovert, although sometimes I do not enjoy talking in the morning, with exception if the man is challenging and argumentative.

I am changing my wardrobe so if you want to dress me up, l wouldn't mind.

I like taking care of my man, I enjoy pleasing him and cuddling. I am romantic in my own way and tend to open myself up to someone who is interested in me, as I am not good at chasing people. Should things evolve in a serious manner, I am open to that possibility.

I like getting treated as a female, and I will always act like a female. It gives me happiness but I would also understand if some people here are not ready to meet in public and would just go straight to their venereal intentions.

My dreams in life is to build an events company of my own here in Toronto or elsewhere. I have always been passionate about events.

I am primarily here to meet guys for a girlfriend experience, until I will find that special someone who will bring me into a whole new world of endless possibilities. I live in downtown Toronto and can meet by appointment.

I am not a crossdresser, I am a transwoman under hormonal therapy for about a year now. This is such a challenging part of my journey to become a sexy, beautiful woman and if someone is interested and willing to witness me transform into an awesome, headturner and eyecatching butterfly, the doors to my heart is open and one important rule is that your pockets should be big, and did I mention full?

I am open to meeting, just send me a text message so that we can set the right expectation and make a plan.

I am not looking for a perfect arrangement. I can definitely adjust to whatever suits you best, as long as you also satisfy the needs in me.

I am not a high maintenance kind of person. I always work hard to get what I want and to be who I want to be. But my soft heart longs for some spoiling once in a while, I mean who doesn't? I am presently engrossed in dressing myself up and if you feel that is something you would enjoy doing, what are we waiting for?

I am looking for someone who is kind and generous, maybe because I know I am one. You can bring me material happiness or personal growth, and in return I can try to satisfy your needs as well. I am open to any arrangement but what I can most certainly do is to help you relax at night, after a busy stressful day, may it be on a hotel room in Paris, a hot spa in Tokyo, or even at the comfort of your home in Toronto. I will be your company, in and out of bed, wherever you need me most.

PS. I can travel, provided you take care of everything. And I love giving soothing relaxing therapeutic touches to my daddy's sore legs, back, and feet. I am not very materialistic but who doesn't like good shoes? And a nice bag, I should add. Hahaha

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